Students watch The Cay


Written by: Hannah Akers

AP literature and DC composition students attended a play at Indiana Repertory Theatre (IRT) to see The Cay on February 22. The play is about an 11 year old boy, Phillip, and an older man, Timothy, who are in a boat that gets torpedoed and they are left stranded.

“I really enjoyed the play,” senior Evan Carnes said.

The play only had two actors on stage, with any other voices being done over speaker. The set was one small stage, shaped somewhat like a turtle, with a raft and two trees made entirely out of metal. This was a sort of running gag throughout the play, with the cat and all the fish in the play being made out of metal.

This was one of teacher Caroline Clayton’s favorite parts.

“I love all the artistic design – the set, the stage,” Clayton said.

She really appreciates the background work that goes in behind the play.

“The technical part adds so much. If you just had the actors, it would be a lot of work for them to do. It would be impossible to communicate,” Clayton said.

An especially commendable part of the play was the ability of the two actors to keep the story going while being the only actors.

“I was really impressed by the acting of the young actor. He did a really good job,” Carnes said.

The young boy was only 14, but his acting was very versatile and engaging.

What really carried the play though was the conversation between Timothy and Phillip, whether it be funny, shocking, or loving.

“I thought the play was very funny. The interactions between Phillip and Timothy were really entertaining and heartwarming,” junior Alexa Dundich-Mitchell said.

Overall, the story told was a touching one of survival and friendship.

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