Sickness spreads in the winter

Written by: Tommy Niemier

“You better wear a coat or you will get a cold.” How many of you have heard this line from your parents? Is it true that during the colder months you are more susceptible to catching an illness? Let’s find out.

The simple answer is that the cold weather itself is not making you get sick easier. When we are outside, our core body temperature stays at 98.6 degrees because humans are warm-blooded mammals.

On the other hand, people tend to stay inside and bunch up in the winter. When you are in a social setting people are close to you, and if one is infected you are more likely to become infected.

“Monday night, driving home after playing basketball at the gym, I felt myself getting sick. I puked while driving, and I had to pull over. I was sick for a couple days, and had to miss a day of school,” junior Chase Sturm said.

Indoors we use air systems to cycle the air we breathe. Air particles that are infected can cycle through our homes, schools, and offices. Schools are especially likely to make you sick. We sit in close contact to many other people these people could be sick and pass it on to you. Children have less developed immune systems than adults leading to getting sick easier. Children also tend to do things that help germ production like not washing their hands.

Wash your hands before eating, do not bite fingernails and keep your hands clean. Also keep your distance from others because you do not know if they are sick or not. And eat a balanced diet. If you make sure you eat lost of fruits and vegetables you will have a harder time getting sick.

“I missed one day of school due to my sickness last week. It was very irritable and annoying. I had a common cold. It was spread around my whole family. I laid in bed and ate some Scooby snacks. It took time for me to recover from my illness, but if I was to give advice on how not to get sick, I would say do not drink out of the gallon of milk that the whole family drinks,” senior James Pridgen said.

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