Commentary: Do your part and donate


Written by: Asha McCarty

Not everybody has the ability to rescue endangered animals and bring them into a loving home, but there are other ways ordinary people can help and care for endangered species.

Instead of adopting an animal, anyone can simply donate to organizations like World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF.) Even the tiniest donations count for the well-being every animal being protected. WWF is a non-profit, non-government funded charity organization that cares deeply for making a difference to the world, and all people are welcome to help.

“I would be willing to donate to an organization that protects endangered species because protecting our environment and everything that lives in it is the most important thing because we all live on this planet, and there’s only one Earth, so we need to care about it,” senior Ana Ostendorf said. “People should care about endangered species because they’re a part of our planet and we all are important. For religious people, they can be important symbols and believe put there on the Earth to love. Everything connects in the world. If bees dies, we don’t have pollination, then we don’t have flowers and plants and trees, and then there’s no oxygen, and then we die. It’s a cycle and we have to consider all life.”

By donating funds to an organization for endangered species, one can gain a deeper sense of purpose by giving back to animals who cannot care or protect themselves entirely on their own. Donating to endangered animal funds is both fulfilling and rewarding.

“It would feel really great knowing I’ve helped animals who needs protection, and I think donating is a great start to helping endangered species. I would feel very happy knowing I’ve helped the planet in some way,” senior Debrah Gregory said.

The mission of these protective organizations is to conserve nature and protect all species who inhabit the planet. Organizations such as WWF strive to reduce threats facing habitats and to further diversity life in nature, hence protecting all endangered species.

These organizations cannot do it without donations, however. Donations are used to fund worldwide conservation activities, such as species protection programs and providing shelter and food for rehabilitated animals under care.

Anyone can donate as little as $10 to $5,000 a month to WFF. On the WWF website there is an option to donate, where you then enter an amount and give your credit card information. Any donation amount will automatically admit you into a WWF membership, and you will receive complimentary gifts as a thank you in return for your contribution.

If donating isn’t enough and someone wants to do even more to contribute, there’s even an option to “adopt” an animal through WWF. The “adoption” is more symbolic than literal — a purchase of $55 can be made for an endangered species plush, species card, adoption certificate, photo, and gift bag.

Not only is donating and giving to organizations vital for the well-being of animals and the overall quality of the planet, but spreading awareness of the threats that face Earth is just as important. Educating others about how they can make a difference by making small differences is critical for life of all kind. By protecting and caring for the Earth, all life that inhabits it will too be healthier and safer.

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