The Future is now

Written by: Tommy Niemier

Future is a popular rapper from Atlanta who has collaborated with all the top dogs of the rap industry, including an album with Drake. Future dropped two albums in the span of seven days and there is even rumors of a third album coming out this week.

On February 17, Future dropped his self titled album “FUTURE.” The album came as a surprise to many as there was no prior knowledge that he was going to drop this album, let alone a second until weeks before the releases. This album is a hard hitting southern rap influenced banger, and has multiple memorable tracks such as Mask Off, Draco, and Rent Money.

“I like the first album better than the second. I like the beats better and the lyrics better. I was surprised when he released two albums in a week. My car has a nice sound system so I like to listen to the music inside my car. I like his hair. He seems like a cool guy to get to know,” NPHS junior Trevor Carter said.

A week later on February 24, Future dropped yet another album called “Hndrxx”. This album seems a little bit softer and more pop than his previous albums. There is only one problem with this.

Future is not good at this approach to his music. He has a bad voice and his vocals during his album can possibly make your ears bleed.  His lyrics have definitely shown this. “My wrist got an ego, my watch in the igloo. Retook illegal, got stripes like a zeboo.” Can you please explain this to me Future?

“I like the second album better than the first due to many reasons the lyrics were better, and it had features from The Weeknd and Rihanna which were nice. There were no features on the first album which made it kind of boring,” NPHS junior Connor Dobbins said.

Although there is only a couple tracks on these albums that stick I see what Future was trying to do with these projects, and I respect that. He tried to open himself up to a new sound on these albums, but it comes off corny in a lot of the songs.

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