Rick and Morty’s return


Written by: Asha McCarty

On April 1, nobody expected Adult Swim to drop one of the most highly anticipated show premieres of the year – the first episode of Rick and Morty, season 3. The premiere of the cartoon’s third season had been delayed time and time again, but after months of eager anticipation from loyal fans, Adult Swim surprised all with the season premiere episode playing on loop of Rick and Morty’s long-awaited return. In the episode, entitled ‘The Rickshank Redemption’, viewers are returned to the fanatic, wacky sci-fi universe to see how fan-favorite, alcoholic genius Rick managed to break his way out of galactic imprisonment.

During the blissful 22 minutes of adventure, loose ends from the season 2 finale become tied together, answering questions that before remained unanswered.

The episode begins, revealing the Galactic Federation trying to persuade Rick to reveal the secret of his portal gun. As fans already know, no matter what situation Rick is placed in, he is alwa

ys one step ahead, this time escaping using a mind transplanting device.

Meanwhile on Earth, the Galactic Federation has taken over. Jerry remains clueless and unsurprisingly useless working for the GF, Beth has turned to alcoholism, and Summer can’t stand Earth anymore. Deciding she’s had enough of the chaos, Summer makes plans to save Rick in any way she can. Morty doesn’t exactly approve of this however, seeing that he is clearly hurt from Rick leaving the family in the first place.

After digging up dead Rick’s remains in the backyard, Summer and Morty find another portal gun. Instead of taking the duo to the GF prison, Morty impulsively zaps the two into Cronenberg, to show Summer what their old world is really like. It is here that Ricks from other dimensions appear and take the duo to the Council of Ricks as bait for the capture of Rick C-137.

While Morty and Summer are being are busy, Rick infiltrates the Citadel with the mind-transportation device, using a portal gun to transport the Ricks’ Citadel into the main Galactic Federation spaceship. Rick C-137 manages to then transport his mind into one of the Council members, crashing their meeting and coldly killing the other Ricks. After a standoff with the a final Rick holding summer hostage, Rick C-137 fires a fake gunshot that distracts Councillor Rick, allowing real Rick to kill him. The trio destroys the Galactic Federation currency as a means of terrorizing them to fall apart, leading Earth being freed of the GF and the Smiths all back together.

Usual Jerry and Beth drama occurs, but this time it’s different – they’re really getting divorced. The entire journey of Rick’s rescue and general home life for the last few months has left Morty emotionally drained and anxious. While Morty tries to settle in at home, Rick, returning to his megalomaniac self, promises Morty their “darkest year” yet, famously ranting and slobbering about his quest for McNugget Szechuan sauce.

To me, the funniest parts of the entire show are when Rick goes on a madman tangent about something completely ridiculous, wide-eyed and drooling. The latest rant, which closes the episode, is by far my favorite moment yet. In fact, it’s got a lot of fans talking.

Mentioned earlier in the episode, McDonald’s famous Szechuan sauce (released for a limited time in 1998) has been Rick’s strongest desire for quite some time, determined to eat it once more. Since the episode’s airing, fans have demanded McDonald’s to return the beloved Szechuan sauce. In fact, by April 2, Szechuan sauce was one of Google’s most frequently searched terms. The people want their sauce, McDonald’s.

Overall, this episode is my new favorite from the series. It’s hilarious, omnisciently dark, and action-packed. It’s hard to describe, but it’s basically the awesomeness of every other episode jammed into just one.

It is currently unknown when the rest of season 3 will air on Adult Swim, though it is rumored it will be summer 2017.

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