Here’s the scoop

Written by: Jared Reed

With the opening of a new cafe comes more competition for local businesses such as Frosty Boy. Brew 52 has recently received a tremendous amount of business, and the town of New Palestine is raving over its menu items.

Brew 52 sells numerous items, including coffee, donuts, ice cream, and shaved ice. After school ends on weekdays, the new cafe has found itself highly populated, and Frosty Boy much less.

“I like both of them a lot, and I think they are really different from each other. It is really hard to choose between them because I go to each for different reasons,” senior Jocie Kleiman said.

One noteworthy item both menus share is the ice cream. Frosty Boy is famous for its ice cream, and Brew 52 is just beginning to be noticed for its.

“Personally, I have never particularly liked Frosty Boy’s ice cream. I don’t think it tastes like anything. Brew 52 has one of my favorite brands of ice cream, so I am really excited to go there a lot,” sophomore Abby Welch said.

Many high schoolers are frequenting Brew 52 after school instead of Frosty Boy. Brew 52 is desirable to some people because it is cheaper, weather is not a factor, and there is more seating.

“I like Brew 52 because I know I can go there even if it is raining or snowing. They have hot and cold drinks so I can choose what I want on that day,” sophomore Shelby Parker said.

Even through these differences, Frosty Boy has more food options to offer its customers. Frosty Boy also stays open later, and is open seven days a week.

“I like going to Frosty Boy for dinner, and you can’t really do that at Brew 52. It is also a lot easier for me to find parking at Frosty Boy,” senior Ashley Stallsworth said.

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