Hulu vs. Netflix

Written by: Tommy Niemier

There are two kinds of people in this world. You are either a Netflix or Hulu subscriber. I am a lucky individual having both services. Here are some noticeable differences, pros and cons, and a final verdict on which one is better.

Netflix has a substantial amount of content. Hulu has far less content than Netflix, but many will argue quality over quantity. Hulu’s TV shows are available within a day of airing on TV. Netflix usually will release seasons of TV shows all at once.

The basic packages for both services are $8. One big question you need to ask yourself is “are commercials okay?” If commercials do bother you Netflix will probably be your best shot unless you are willing to pay a $8 premium for an adless Hulu plus.

Hulu offers very good TV shows like South Park, Community, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Seinfeld. Netflix has decent TV shows for example The Office and Cosmos. I would say Hulu has better TV shows, but Netflix’s original series like Stranger Things and House of Cards are better than Hulu’s original shows.

When it comes to movies Netflix sits on top of the crown. Netflix offers many more big name title movies than Hulu. Hulu is 10 years younger than Netflix and is already contending with the top dogs. I could see Hulu coming for the throne in a couple years, and surpassing their contenders.

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