Commentary: Usefulness of classes

Written by Catrina Lambert

In high school, we take a number of classes. Many of these classes are requirements for graduation, and they are usually along the basic lines of science, math, language arts, and history. As stressed as these subjects are when it comes to school, it can be brought into question how important some of them are.

According to a survey done by Business Insider, the main reasons for high school students to drop out of school were boredom, at 25. percent of dropouts, and school being irrelevant to life, at 20.3 percent. These are the two highest reasons, right behind merely failing out at 27.9 percent and becoming a caregiver, at 25.9 percent. It certainly says something about classes when boredom and irrelevance affects nearly half (46 percent) of drop outs.

Some of the students at NPHS also think this of the classes.

“Important? No? You kidding me? Shoot, when am I gonna use log to x of the thirty second power? I’m gonna go out into the real world and the first thing they’re gonna do is ask me, in physics, to show them how molecules amplify and do their molecule thing, and I’m gonna be like, ‘Why do i need this for cooking class? Why do I need to know the proper angle to grate cheese?’” NPHS Junior Tyler Voris said.

“Why is reading Romeo and Juliet more important than how to do taxes?” NPHS freshman Annabelle Johnson said. socialstudiesclassroom

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