AP teachers give tips for getting through exam week

Written by Kristiana Lulgjuraj

The New Palestine High School 2016-2017 school year nears its end with a month left, and Advanced Placement students are faced with the most emotionally draining weeks of their lives – AP exam week. Still, there are ways to reduce stress and better prepare yourself for test day.

NPHS AP psychology teacher Nancy Workman’s students took their AP exam Monday, May 1. Prior to test day, she spent two weeks preparing her students.

“They had two weeks of class time where we basically went through every chapter. Each student was responsible for reviewing a couple of chapters, and I took on a few of the really important ones and kind of divided the chapters up so each student had mastered at least one or two chapters,” Workman said. “Each day we went through a few chapters.”

Workman suggests that students take the exam seriously and start studying before the weekend before or the day before the exam.

“The College Board releases all sorts of exams to go through. They’re always great tools,” Workman said.

Workman reminds her students that stress is an okay thing, and there are ways to deal with the stress so that it doesn’t take over.

“Put a plan in place so you’re not overwhelmed. Take some time to relax and destress,” Workman said. “A lot of times talking to friends or playing with animals will release tons of neurotransmitters that’ll lift your mood. Realize that stress is normal and it’s okay to be stressed.”

NPHS science teacher Darlene Seifert’s students will be taking the AP biology exam next week on Monday, May 8.

Seifert realizes that students taking multiple exams will be missing out on many in class study times, so she holds her study sessions after school and over the weekend to make them more accessible to all her students. This also helps her get in all information that needs to be reviewed, as it is too much to cover during class.

To help save time during the test, Seifert went over the reference sheet in class so that students would know where everything is and wouldn’t spent time looking for formulas.

“We went over it, so you knew oh here’s what it looks like, here’s where you find this,” Seifert.

Seifert is giving her students a practice test so they know what to expect on the exam.

“Practice, review, take breaks. Realize that you can’t learn everything. Do your best to know what you know,” Seifert said.

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