Slow Hands, the slow jam


Written by: Asha McCarty

Yesterday morning, Niall Horan unveiled a new single from his forthcoming debut solo album, “Slow Hands.” Fans have anticipated the second radio single since Horan’s first debut solo “This Town” was released. Overall, fan reactions drawn to only one conclusion – the song is incredible.

On “Slow Hands,” Horan turns away from the guitar-strung, homesick melody found in “This Town” to a more seductive sound, reminding me much of John Mayer.

Prior to the release of “Slow Hands,” Horan told the Sirius XM Hits 1 station that he wanted “to add a bit more grit, funk and heavier bass” in his debut album.

Horan goes back to his roots through his lyrics. Personal experiences appear to drive him to make the most intimate music he can for old and new fans alike.

“Slow Hands” kicks off with sexy, funky production that spells out the story of an affair. It’s certainly more mature than any of One Direction’s discography and more intimate than Horan’s last single. The funk-pseudo acoustic guitar strums that dance along each note could easily scale up for an arena.

The track sounds like it could have been a single on Nick Jonas’s most recent album with the slightly suggestive lyrics and steamy production. Horan already had a huge hit with “This Town,” but “Slow Hands” has the potential to turn him into an exceptional solo pop star, as already expected from fans.

While the official release date of Horan’s debut solo album is yet to be stated, fans speculate that it will be available in early fall.

Horan reveals a new side of him through “Slow Hands,” however he has stated that this single’s sound differs from the rest of the songs on the upcoming album. Personally, this is my favorite song of his and of anybody at the moment, and I expect “Slow Hands” to remain my favorite track.


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