Student businesses that are “Always Open”

By Chloe Dillon / J1 Staff
Money. That single word catches your attention because it is something that we all want so badly, our attention is immediately turned toward it. This is especially the case with students that are in high school.

High school students love to hang out with their friends outside of school. And as we are getting older, our parents expect us to start getting jobs to pay for all of the fun things we would like to do.

Many students have turned to local hotspots around town looking for a place to work, but what they don’t know is that they could start their own business and collect almost all of the profits.

There are so many students that have taken something that they are passionate about and not only been able to make other people happy, but make money while doing it. Anything from

One of these student in particular is Seth Buis. Buis is a junior right here at New Palestine High School. In 2016 he started a company called “Always Open”.

“Always Open” is a clothing company that, as of right now, features a long sleeve white t-shirt with the signature red, white, and blue “RainPop” that almost everyone in New Palestine could identify.

“I bought my shirt not long ago, and it is one of my favorite to wear. It’s super comfortable and the design is so unique,” sophomore Alex Agag said.

Buis says that he has always been intrigued by clothing and design, so why not make some money while doing something he enjoys.

But, with all of this, Buis is very busy. He often has to split his time up between school, his company, family, friends, and his after school job as well.

With his free time, he enjoys sketching, designing, idealizing, and planning for more products in the future.

“I worked a few shifts with Seth when he worked at Frosty Boy. He was always a hard worker and seemed to take his job seriously,” sophomore Caylie Almond said.

Buis says that when he is not working he loves to spend time with his family and friends.

His family is one of his biggest supporters. Ever since Buis decided that he wanted to start his own business, his family has been behind him, helping him all the way.

“My parents are my biggest supporters. They are so pleased with what I have done and how independently I do it,” Buis said.

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