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By Jake Kelle, J1 staff

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The girls tennis team has a great atmosphere with great people running the games and practices. One of the people who coordinates is Des Evans, the coach of the New Palestine tennis team.

Evans was raised in Zimbabwe, a country in the southern half of Africa which was formed in 1980. Evans is 66, meaning he was 29 when the Zimbabwe was formed.There are three languages spoken in Zimbabwe – English, Shona and Ndebele.

Evans came to America 17 years ago when he was 49. His parents came to America before him. His mother was from Zimbabwe, while his father was from Great Britain.

Evans has a brother, Kevin and sister, Laria. Evans’ brother when to Britain and Mr.Evans sister moved to South Africa. Kevin is the older brother and Laria is younger by 18 months.

Evans loved living in Zimbabwe when he did but due to the current economy in Zimbabwe, he would not move back. Evans said President Robert Mugabe is not doing a good job combating the collapsing economy. “The fat cats are only getting fatter,” Evans said.

Evans says it getting so bad in zimbabwe that the police and firemen don’t even show up. Mr.Evans told a story of a robber breaking into his house and when he and his wife called the police, the police asked if Evans could pick them up.

Comparing the two countries,Evans says “America has the finest democracies in the world.”

Evans also says “everything just works in America, It’s a land of opportunity if you work hard, The working class people in Zimbabwe have to have generators for power becomes people steal copper from power lines and traffic lights.”  The last point Mr.Evans made is that if you want anything done in Zimbabwe you have to do it yourself.

Mr.Evans mom end up coaching at the Indianapolis Racquet Club for 28 years and was the coach at the North Central schools for 13 years. Evans’ father was a major in the Army when Zimbabwe was called Rhodesia. His parents came to the United states in 1980, the same year Rhodesia became Zimbabwe.

The Evans family was upper middle class, They had two doctors. After coming to the USA,Evans’ three children graduated from IUPUI, Indiana and Purdue Universities.

Evans has three children – Nicola is 32, Gareth is now 30, Stacey is now 28. Two of them are married. Gareth is expecting a child and Nicola has three. Both are married. A lot of people get Gareth’s name confused with Garrett and Nicola with Nicki. Evans’ ancestry is from Yorkshire, England but the origin of the name Evans is Welsh.

Evans said his strengths are that he is organized. Evans weaknesses are that he is impassive so he has to keep telling himself to be calm because he likes to get things done and he tries not drive his tennis team in the same way he drives himself.

Evans says he became a tennis coach  because he was raised on tennis and sports similar.Evans has been a full time tennis coach ever since he moved to the United States.

Mr.Evans is a moderate type of man. He loves his family and and has accomplished the American Dream. He is someone with a unique perspective.

Des Evans, a coach form Zimbabwe

Des Evans, a coach form Zimbabwe

”Des is very  dedicated, and passionate about tennis,” freshman Ben Blachly said. “He works very hard to help everyone get better.:”

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