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This is a picture of New Palestine High School first year history teacher Gina Iacobucci.

This is a picture of New Palestine High School first year history teacher Gina Iacobucci.


By Haley Hiles / J1 staff

New Palestine High School opened up to a total of eight new staff members this 2016-2017 school year.

Being a first year teacher can be overwhelming to say the least. There is new curriculum to learn, classroom management challenges, unfamiliar school policies, and new co-workers.  

Based on interviews with new teachers at New Palestine High School most of them seem to enjoy working here, and are looking forward to teaching here again the next upcoming school year.

These teachers also made a point to say that New Palestine High School was a great opportunity for them.

New Palestine High School history teacher Gina Iacobucci said, “I loved teaching at New Pal this year! This is my first teaching job because I graduated from Ball State in May 2016. In the Spring semester before I graduated I taught for a few months in an 8th grade class at Highland Middle School in Anderson, and then I went to Ireland for two months to teach at an all-girls secondary school.”

New Palestine High School health and PE teacher Brian Bowen said, “I have enjoyed my year here at NPHS. I have enjoyed my interactions with the students and appreciate the relationships I have formed with staff members. We have a good group of students, with good support systems that want to succeed in and out of the classroom.”

“The student attitudes towards education here have been overall pretty good. Probably better than any of the other schools I have worked at.  It makes a classroom more conducive to learning when students want to learn and want to be here. As a teacher you like that and it makes you feel good about what you are doing.”

From what is seen and heard these teachers took these jobs for all the right reasons.

Bowen said, “I chose to teach at New Pal because it was an opportunity that was best for my family. We had our third kid in September and it made sense. Being here has allowed me to spend more time with my family.”

Iacobucci said, “I had a few friends that went to New Pal and spoke highly of it. More importantly though I already knew Ms. Huckaby because we went to Highschool together, and the fact that she was so happy at New Pal made me want to work here.”

Overall it seems that these teachers have enjoyed teaching, their students, and their students attitudes toward their class this school year.

“I’ll just say that when my students have a good attitude, I have a good attitude. Whenever they look happy and ready to learn, my day is fantastic and I’m so happy. Their attitudes play a big part in how my day goes. On the other hand, I try my hardest to maintain a good attitude throughout the day, because they deserve for me to be happy to be there to teach them. it’s not really hard for me to be happy to come to school every day though I get to talk about history all day, which I love, and be around awesome kids that are curious and hardworking and make me laugh every day”, said Iacobucci.

“I really like the school, the staff, and the students. I like the small town feel you get being here”, said Bowen.

New Palestine High School junior Taylor Bishop said, “Ms.Iacobucci is a really nice teacher who teaches well.”

Both of these teachers said they will continue teaching here next year.

“I will continue teaching her next year”, said Bowen.

“Absolutely, I will continue teaching here next year! It’s been a great year and I can’t imagine teaching anywhere else”, said Iacobucci.

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