Is it really worth it?

By Caylie Almond / J1 staff

With only one week left NPHS students come upon the most dreaded week – finals week.

During finals week, most students stay up late studying trying to get that one last good grade.  All the packets become overwhelming and students find themselves swimming in a sea of math problems, vocabulary words and even stress.

According to The Atlantic over 49 percent of students feel stress on a daily basis, but 87% of students feel the stress when it comes to finals week. Finals week is filled with endless study guides and many quizlets. No wonder students stress!  

“The school should try to eliminate the testing or slim it down a little so it’s not as much pressure to the students.” freshman Austin Terry said. He was explaining how to make finals less stressful for the school and the students.

Teachers usually give the “final” packet to us at the beginning of the week before finals. From then on to testing we work and work and work to get it done and memorize it. Here are a couple of tips to using to help relieve the stress of finals.

“One thing that always makes me happy when I’m stressed is to hang out with friends,” freshman Chloe Dillon said. Hanging out with friends and just having a good time is a great way to get rid of stress for finals. Everyone can go to one’s house and eat food while all studying and quizzing each other while still having fun.

Some habits can also help with the stress. Chewing gum while studying can help the student remember things. Just choose a flavor of gum, study the subject, then when the final appears on the desk, take the same flavor and chew it while taking the test.

Physical activities can also help. Yoga is a great stress reliever. While listening to calming music and doing certain poses like the warrior or the tree can really control the breathing process and slow nerves down.

Managing time is a big factor. Studying and doing refreshers a week before the final can really improve the memory. If help is needed plenty of teachers are available after school until three to help with the questions.

Eating healthy foods can help with stress. Stress eating is not the best thing but sometimes the urge of needed potato chips or a cookie plays in. Instead of eating those, drinking water and eating some carrots or an apple can improve the hunger.

Finals aren’t easy. By using these helpful tips, finals should become less stressful. So grab an apple, open that book and strive to get that good grade.

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