Softball continues strong season in sectional

Written by Shelby Horsley

As the year comes to a close the seniors of the New Palestine High School softball team have a lot to remember.

“We have accomplished a lot throughout the years,” senior Elisha Barker said. “We won sectionals last year and we’ve held the title of Hancock country campions for the past four years.”

In the four years they’ve been in high school they’ve left quite a legacy, and now as it’s almost time to depart from the place they’ve called home for four years they are able to carry the good, and bad, times with them for the rest of their lives.

“I’ll definitely miss playing with my best friends since I have been playing with them since middle school or longer,” senior Mary Crumlin said. Crumlin is continuing her softball career at Marian University for the next four years.

Senior Abby Davis also said that she’d be missing the girls and the closeness of the team as she goes on to play softball at the University of Dayton.

“I’ve been playing this sport for 14 years and going from playing it all the time to not at all will be a huge change in my life,” senior Kaylee Kropp said. “I’ll miss all my friends I’ve made from this sport and all the fun I’ve had.”

Last night, May 22, the girls played in the opening round of sectional and beat Herron 27-0.

“We’ve accomplished one of our goals and that was to win conference but our next goal has to be taken one game at a time and that’s to win state,” Kropp said.

The next game will be at home, again, on Wednesday, May 24.

“I hope to win every game we play and to come out and have fun while playing our hardest,” senior Madison Whitaker said. Whitaker will be playing softball at the Wright University in the fall.

She and Davis will both miss the team chemistry.

“My favorite thing about NP softball is the team chemistry,” Whitaker said. “We all get along great and are all best friends. I can trust each one of them with anything. This team this year was the best group of girls I have ever played with and I will miss all my best friends I made.”

Barker said she will miss the family aspect to her team the most.

“My favorite part is seeing how we all have changed and improved throughout the year and knowing we can take on any team,” Barker said. “They are like a second family to me.”

Barker will be continuing her softball career at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where she will hopefully find another team to call her family and major in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Before that, though, she and the rest of the seniors on the team have one goal.

“Of course we hope to accomplish getting a state ring, but right now we are making payments one game at a time to get to June 10th,” Crumlin said.

Davis hopes to play her hardest and go all out each game, one game at a time. Whatever the outcome may be, though, the team will always cherish the memories they have made.

“My favorite thing is being around my best friends everyday and being able to play alongside my best friends,” Crumlin said.


Photos by Laura Hall and Shelby Horsley

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