What’s up Dragon Nation! This is my second year on the paper’s staff. I was previously a sports writer for the Crimson Messenger. Now I am the Head Writer, Copy Editor, and Co-Sports Editor for the paper. In my time away from the paper you can find me chatting/watching sports, catching a movie, or playing video games. Some of my favorite sports teams are the Colts (duh), the Pacers (duh), and the Cincinnati Reds. For some of my non-local teams, I like to keep tabs on the San Antonio Spurs, the Boston Celtics, and the Arizona Cardinals. You can catch me, and my Co-host Alex Cotterman, talking about sports on our podcast New Palestine’s All-Star Sports. Some of my favorite video games include the Madden series, NBA2K, and the Uncharted games. I also love to watch movies in depth. Seeing the background of how they are made, their composition and lighting, and direction is fascinating to me. Some of my favorite movies include Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and the James Bond series.